Dr.Vichien Leelawatcharamas
Associate Professor
Conference chair
Dr. Suttipan Keawsompong
Assistant Professor
Conference secretariat

•  Prof. Tadao Saito, President of AFSLAB
•  Dr. Yuan-Kun Lee, Assoc. Prof., Ex-President of AFSLAB
•  Prof. G. Balakrish Nair
•  Prof. Endang Rahayu
•  Prof. Sung-Sik Yoon
•  Prof. Guo-Qing He
•  Prof. Raha Abd. Rahim
•  Prof. Shirchin Demberel
•  Prof. Ming-Ju Chen
•  Prof. Julie D. Tan

•  Dr.Sunee Nitisinprasert, Assoc. Prof.
•  Dr. Adisorn Swetwiwathana, Assoc. Prof.
•  Dr. Vichai Leelavatcharamas, Asst. Prof.
•  Dr. Pariyaporn Itsaranuwat, Asst. Prof.
•  Dr. Wonnop Visessanguan
•  Dr. Nuttakan Nitayapat, Asst. Prof.
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